Michelle W.
Thank you again Yelp for not disappointing me in finding a new studio to work out. I am so glad I found Fitness Therapy and met Ryan as my new trainer. I love my first intro session and boy did I get my butt kicked. Every session has been fun and challenging. Ryan will listen and work with me on my fitness goals. In terms of the studio, I love the setup! There is never a ton of ppl so it feels very private. I love the fitness toys that Ryan has set up. There's always something different every session and I love the element of surprise. I've already signed up for several sessions and can't wait to continue to build on this journey!
Dawn M.
I've been training here since February. All the trainers are very dedicated and have all the equipment and workouts prepared before you walk in. They have 45-60min group classes every weekday (no more than 6 people) at 5pm And on the weekends at 9 AM, That you can sign up for an advance for a fee. Best workout you can get. Depending on your health goals they also can prepare a dedicated meal plan for you. There is a 3D scanner as well that measures your progress as you continue. I'm so happy I found this place. You won't regret the investment Shoutout to Ryan who is my trainer and owner of the gym!
Jaja B.
I went to the cardio kickboxing class, I do not know anything about kickboxing. The class is open for all levels so I didn't really felt that overwhelmed. But the cardio part of the class was legit and made me break a sweat. I also feel that the members of this gym know each other. I had the "family-feeling" when I looked around how other members interact. They talk about what they want to work on with and stuff that really helps the fitness they are aiming for. The name suits the vision of this gym. It's not just a gym. It's fitness therapy.
Norma G.
This Holistic facility is so much more than what we expected. They provide services for body and mind from an outstanding staff! I do not typically like working out but Amanda G really makes a huge difference and is committed to helping reach my goals! And they have classed to assist with eating and stress! Tracy is great!!!
Ash I.
moved back to the Bay Area about a year ago and started working at a tech company in Silicon Valley (yes, what a surprise right?!). As one would imagine, it's difficult to manage your health and fitness in an office atmosphere on top of the daily horrendous commute. (FEEL ME?!) So I decided to invest in myself and get some personal training. I was referred to Fitness Therapy(FT) by my future sister in-law, who also has a personal trainer at FT. She's a nurse with a crazy schedule and also found it hard to find the time/discipline for health and fitness, but mentioned that she was pretty satisfied with FT, so I decided to give it a try. I train at their Daly City location. My trainer is Mark Dantes and he's AWESOME. I say this because, I've had some personal trainers in the past - some great and some not so great. He's a real trooper as a I'm one of his clients that he trains at 6am on weekdays (told ya my schedule is cray) and comes prepared with some solid workouts. Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with some workout and say "Mark, this really sucks," to which he will reply "You can do it...You just have to believe.." to which I chuckle and grunt through the next couple of reps. LOL Mark's pretty easy to talk to and is comfortable to be around, especially during some hard workouts. I've even convinced him to give me stickers if I do an exercise that I REALLY don't want to do. Hey, everyone has a motivation! hehe In short, FT is convenient, fun, and worth investing in your health. Mark, along with other trainers at FT, work hard and have fun. Keep on keepin' on! -Ash
Gwen M.
I've been here for cycling and "happy hour" - HIIT workout. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to have a good sweat. Ryan's classes always kills me but I feel like a million bucks every time I take his class. I feel accomplished and challenged. They always push you to do your best.
Nicole K.
This review is long overdue. I started coming here in October of 2012 after buying a TRX 20 Class Groupon. I've been a long term member of 24 Hour Fitness (it only costs me $24/YEAR), but didn't particularly like their classes, and was getting bored with having to come up with my own workouts (plus my body had gotten to a point where it wasn't really changing) and dealing with some dirty equipment, so I decided I'd try something new. Initially I was doing the Beginner TRX classes, but was pushed to try the advanced TRX which was taught by Ryan (the Owner). I fell in love with the workouts, the camaraderie among the members and trainers, the great music and the fact that I always felt like I got an amazing workout which caused muscles that I didn't even realize existed to be sore. Because of these reasons, after my 20 sessions were up, I decided to join the gym. I regularly take two classes a week (TRX Move with Ryan, and either HIIT with Francis, or FT Core with Joey), and now also train with Ryan once a week. I like to think I've become an institution here (moving from "that tall asian girl that Ryan trains", to people actually knowing my name, to being called "Dragon") Classes are great, but to really get the personalized attention and workouts tailored for your own physical goals, going the personal trainer route is the best option. When the class is full and there are 15-30 people it's hard for the trainers to go around to every person to give them personalized instruction. So they concentrate on those who seem to need more help (ie are doing exercises completely wrong and potentially could hurt themselves). All the trainers at FT have a strong knowledge base about how the body moves and what muscles each exercise is working. They emphasize full body workouts, and strength across all the major muscle groups (plus all the small stabilizer muscles as well). As someone who's been working out for over 14 years, I don't think it's necessary for the trainers to explain what each exercise is working, and if I am unsure if I'm doing an exercise right or am not feeling it where I should be, I am completely comfortable asking and clarifying with the trainer, and they've always been more than happy to explain and fix my form in order to get the most out of the movement. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life, and it's mainly due to everything I've gained from becoming part of the FT Team family. This doesn't mean I don't go through weight/body composition changes or have times where I can't work out due to life or work schedule problems, but I am confident that no matter what happens, I can always come back to Fitness Therapy and get back to where I want to be. I'm actually a little angry about what was said in the most recent post by Johanna, and feel it in an unrealistic representation of this gym by someone who went here for a very short period of time, and doesn't seem to understand what the FT family is all about or has much experience with working out. To make statements about the workouts giving you No Purpose, that is something that should mainly come from within. If you're working out without a purpose in mind then someone cannot provide that for you. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own (wrong) opinion, but if you ask anyone who is a regular at this gym, they would not have anything negative to say about it. And to say you don't understand why the gym was closed over the holidays, it's as if you think trainers do not deserve time off to spend with their families or take a break from "working". In addition, they were doing construction on the space in order to improve it for their clients. Ryan is constantly coming up with new ideas to make the gym better and provide more to the members.